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Publishing a Page

Submitting a policy for approval

 The next step after creating a policy is to submit it for approval.   Once approved, outside users can see the new policy.

Steps to Submit

If you have not done so already, go ahead and check in your document.   Either click on "Check in" under the "Page" menu or click on "Check it in".   


                                Figure 1:  Checking in your document

Go to the “Publish” tab and click on “Submit” - this will submit a major version (which are the only versions that show up on the web):

                        Figure  2: Submitting a policy for approval
This will bring up the Approval workflow to start.   The only thing you may want to change on this form is the “Request” if you have special instructions for the approvers (which for right now is Mary Lou Lackey).  Otherwise, you can leave everything to default and just click “Start” at the bottom of the form.

                                          Figure: Approval Workflow form


What happens next?

  • ​An email will arrive about the workflow to the submitter
  • The approver will get an email with a description of the new approval task to complete along with a link
Once the task is approved, the policy will be on the web and the submitter will get an email with a result.