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Policies Under Development

A Policy Working Group (PWG) is determined by the Policy Owner based on the subject matter of the proposed policy and the impacted stakeholders. A PWG will likely include a cross-functional team and Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Active Policy Working Groups

Policy Owner

​Last Update:
February 20, 2020

Arts, Artifacts, Archives

Lisa Cooperman,

Code of Ethical Conduct

Linda Jeffers, Assistant Vice Present, Human Resources,

Conflict of Interest

Randy Schwantes, Executive Chief Auditor


Lindsey Green, University Privacy Officer

Disciplinary Action Policy for Compliance Misconduct
​Randy Schwantes, Chief Audit Executive
​Exclusion of Certain Individuals and Entities  
Deborah Freeman, ​Director of AA/EEO
Compliance Standards Policy for University Investigations
​Lindsey Green, University Privacy Officer
​Instructional Continuity Policy

​Michael Schwartz, Interim Provost, Dean
​Encryption Policy
​Ken Kerrick, Assoc. VP Information Security, CISO
Information Management Policy​
​Ken Kerrick, Assoc. VP Information Security, CISO
​Email Policy
​Ken Kerrick, Assoc. VP Information Security,CISO
Staff Who Teach
​Linda Jeffers, Assistant Vice Present, Human Resources

Any department/unit identified as a stakeholder may choose to have a department representative participate in the PWG, but participation is not mandatory. Other administrative or academic units not formally invited to participate in the PWG, but who are interested, also have the opportunity to participate in the policy development process.

Get Involved

Do you want to create new policy or change policy? Read the Policy on Policies for details.

Questions about the Process? See the Policy Review Process and FAQs.