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Policies New

The following policies have recently been approved. Click any policy name to view it.

Exclusion of Certain Individuals and Entities PolicyCompliance9/24/2020Ethics, Integrity, Legal and Compliance
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy PolicyCompliance9/24/2020Ethics, Integrity, Legal and Compliance
Protection of Minors on Campus PolicyEnterprise Risk Management9/24/2020Enterprise Risk Management
Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct Discrimination and RetaliationHuman Resources8/4/2020Title IX
Disciplinary Action Policy for Compliance MisconductCompliance6/25/2020Ethics, Integrity, Legal and Compliance
Standards for University Investigations PolicyCompliance6/25/2020Ethics, Integrity, Legal and Compliance
Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Interim PolicyHuman Resources5/27/2020Human Resources and Labor Relations
Conflict of Interest Interim Policy for Administrators, Faculty, and StaffCompliance5/26/2020Ethics, Integrity, Legal and Compliance
Whistleblower Interim Policy Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing and Protection From RetaliationCompliance5/26/2020Ethics, Integrity, Legal and Compliance
Policy on PoliciesCompliance5/12/2020Governance
Interim Policy for Remote Working Exceptions and Temporary Emergency LeaveHuman Resources3/13/2020Human Resources and Labor Relations
Code of Ethical Conduct Interim PolicyHuman Resources2/25/2020Human Resources and Labor Relations
Alcohol, Meals and Catering PolicyBusiness and Finance7/16/2019Business and Finance Operations