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Policy Creation

Creating a new policy consists of unique steps:

  • Creating a new blank policy page 


Creating a new Policy Page

Shorcut to create a new policy:

Direct Link to create a new policy

See below to navigate to the policy pages manually.

Navigate to the Policy Pages 

Click on Policy Pages this screen right below lists on the QuickLaunch menu on the left


       Figure 1:  Policy Page Link


Note: You must be a member of the “Policy Members” SharePoint group in order to add in new items.

Creating a new policy page

Click on "Files" and "New Document", and click on “Policy Page":


        Figure 2:  Creating a new Policy Page

On the "Create Page" page:

  • The title should match the title of the uploaded policy
  • Select “Policy Page” for the page layout.   
  • Click “create”   (if you can an error, see below)

            Your new blank policy should now be created.


                                                 Figure 3:  Create Page form

If you have "spaces" in your title the URL will replace them with "%20", make sure you remove these exta characters from the url name:


                             Figure 4:   Error if you have %20 in your URL name

Solution:  Remove the "%20" from between each word in the URL, and create without the spaces as shown in the first example.

                  In the example above, change the URL is from "My%20New%20Policy"  to   "MyNewPolicy".


Select the Policy from the Policies List

At this point, you will be looking at list of all the policies.    You need to find your newly created policy from the list and edit the properties.

Select the drop down (highlighted) next to your policy's name and choose "Edit Properties":


                                 Figure 5:   Editing your policy's metadata

A form will appear for you to complete.

Editing a Policy's Text

Editing a Policy's Metadata

Basic Formatting

Changes required

It is possible that the approver needs more changes before a policy can be published.   In this case, an email will arrive with more instructions (which is a new task).

To make changes you have to check out the policy:



          Figure 6: Checking out a policy


Edit – Select “Edit” from the menu.   At this point the text for the policy on the page will be editable again and any changes that need to be made can be made.

Check-in – choose “Check-in” to save your changes.  The changes are saved for the approver to see.

Complete the task - Once the steps have been completed, locate the “Publish” tab and select “Tasks” from the menu.   Finish out the task as “completed” and the approver will get a new task to approve the policy again.

“Approval Tasks” List

The approval tasks show all the tasks currently assigned to users to complete, as well as the completed tasks (up until the point where they are no longer needed and removed…)

Note:  These tasks can only be completed by those in the approvers group

By default, all tasks are shown:

Views available to show the policy pages in different ways

There are also different views, which can show only the tasks that are assigned to your account:

You also get to the pre-created views by selecting the view from the view drop-down menu (these views can change):

                       Approval Views.PNG

                                      Figure 5:  Default available views