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How are policies created, reviewed and updated?

The University recently adopted a new Policy on Policies (POP). This document established a Policy Program. Its purpose is to ensure that the policies of the university are well developed, easy to understand, consistent with current policies and readily accessible to all constituencies.

The policy addresses the process for developing, issuing and maintaining all universitywide policies and describes the relationship between policies and their related procedures.

If I have a question on a policy where might I find information or where do I call?

First look at the Policy website. If you do not find your answer, discuss with your supervisor. If additional information is needed, contact the Compliance Office and the Policy Management Program Coordinator (PMPC). 209 932-3025.

Where are the University policies located or how can I get a copy of a policy?

Policies are located on the University’s Policies site. If you are unable to find a policy contact the Compliance Office and the PMPC.

As an employee, student or volunteer, am I responsible for knowing about and adhering to policies that aren’t posted here?

It is possible that a policy may not be posted on this site but is in full effect. It is the responsibility of supervisors to help staff understand relevant policies and procedures. It is your responsibility to seek guidance from your supervisor if you are unsure about policy or procedures related to your work.

Where can I find information about policy relating to faculty or student Affairs?

At this time, policies that apply exclusively to faculty will continue to reside in the Faculty Handbook. The website contains numerous policies that relate to students, in addition to those student policies that are contained in the Tiger Lore Student Handbook for Stockton campus, The McGeorge Student Handbook (a.k.a The Black Book).

I am a policy owner, where can I get assistance in drafting (writing) a policy?

The University Policy Program is available and equipped to provide assistance to policy owners in drafting policy. The Policy on Policy Procedures is available on the policy website as well as the Policy Writing Guide.

How often will policies be reviewed?

The POP procedures state all Legacy Policies will be subject to an initial comprehensive review. All new policies will be subject to a comprehensive review after the first 12-months. In accordance to POP all policies must be reviewed a minimum of three (3) years to maximum of five (5) years.

When a new policy is approved or when a policy is revised, who will communicate these?

As part of the policy development plan, the Policy Owner and Policy sponsor will identify how best to announce or communicate the policy or changes. Typically, notification to the University community will be through Inside Pacific, Business Managers and Unit Leadership.

If I have an idea for a policy, how can I get it approved?

Any university member may submit to the University Policy Advisory Committee (UPAC) a request for an Orphan Policy. UPAC will determine if the policy is required and the appropriate Policy Owner will be assigned.

Where can I get information on a policy under development or review?

Once a suggested policy is recommended to move forward by the policy sponsor, the policy title and owner will be posted to the Policy on Policies website under Policies Under Review.

As policies are identified for comprehensive review, these also will be listed on the POP website under Policies Under Review.

Can I make suggestions to improve a policy?

Absolutely! Feedback about policies may be sent to Typographical or other simple errors will be corrected right away. Suggested changes of a more substantive nature will be introduced to the responsible executive and considered for revision.

Any community member may request a non-scheduled comprehensive review of a policy by submitting the Policy Review/Change Request Form to the UPAC.

Where do I send questions or comments about a policy or procedure?

Send questions, comments or suggestions to