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Editing a Policy

Select the Policy from the Policies List

Find your newly created policy from the policy list.   You can edit the details here, or you can click on the page and edit it directly.


Editing a Policy's Text

Editing a Policy's Metadata

Basic Formatting


Editing the policy

You can edit the page content on the page itself.   In order to edit the rest of the data, see:
Click on the name of the policy.  This will bring up the policy as a web page ready to be editing.  
Select the "Page" tab and "Edit".   This will allow you to edit the text on the page.  
Here you can copy / paste from other documents (Word / Text / PDF's) into the form under "Page Content".
Editing Content.PNG

Once this is done check-in the policy using the check-in option under the “Page” tab.  Make the page looks correct here - if not, you can edit the file again.
Make sure you follow the basic formatting rules in case markup styles change in the future:
Once you are happy with how the policy looks, you can then "publish" the policy which will start the approval process: