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Editing a Policy's Text

Creating a new Policy 


Shortcut link:

Direct Link to create a new policy

Manual process

The first step for a new policy is to be submitted in its original format to be modified into HTML.  

Go to “Site Settings” under the "wheel" icon on the upper right hand side of your screen and and select ““Site Settings” and select “Site contents” from the drop down menu:

          Site Contents.PNG 
          Figure 1:  Selecting Site Contents from the menu

From here, you can see the "Policy Pages"  in the list on the left.  Click on this to get into the context of the policy list so you can begin creating a new policy.

Note: You must be a members of the “Policy Members” or “Policy Owners” SharePoint in order to add in new items.

Creating a Blank Policy from "Library Tools" menu

By going to the Library Tools, selecting the documents tab, and selecting new document.    “Policy Page - Create a new Policy Page” from the dropdown: 


                          Figure 2:  Choose "Policies" from the new document menu


On the next page, the title should match the title of the uploaded policy and “Policy Page” should be selected for the page layout.    Then click “create”.    This completes the blank policy.   (Note that the dashes are automatically put in for the spaces)



                                                                       Figure 3:  Create Page form


Note:  If you have "spaces" in your title the URL will replace them with "%20", make sure you remove the characters from the url name if it give you an error message:


Remove the "%20" from between each word in the URL, and create without the spaces as shown in the first example.

For more details, see Editing a Policy