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Column Definitions

Approval Tasks and Policy Status View

On the Policy Status View:

 Approval Status

  • Draft : Is being worked on / editing / not ready for approval, cannot be seen by outside viewers
  • Pending: Is in a state where the policy has a task waiting on someone to finish
  • Approved: Policy is approved an visible to the public
  • Rejected: Policy has been rejected (for whatever reason) after the approval process has been started

Approval Tasks list:


  • Not Started - This task needs attention by the user looking at the view
  • Completed - The task has been completed (should never see in this view)

Outcome (on completed items)

  • Approved - means that task completed with the policy being approved
  • Finshed by UserName - for a change request, is states who compelted the request
  • Nothing - No outcome is assigned - nothing really to report for these types of tasks

Policy Title

  • This is the title of the task in this case, clicking on it will show details of the task to be performed