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Acceptable Use PolicyInformation Technology3/19/2007
Access Control PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Accountability PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Accounts ReceivableController8/30/2016
Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Interim PolicyHuman Resources5/27/2020
Alcohol, Meals and Catering PolicyBusiness and Finance7/16/2019
Amorous Relationships PolicyAthletics1/1/2016
Animal PolicyHuman Resources11/5/2015
Athletic Media RelationsAthletics7/1/2011
Athletics Campus Communications PolicyAthletics2/3/2017
Athletics Marketing PromotionsAthletics7/1/2011
Athletics Office and Computer OperationsAthletics7/1/2011
Automated External DefibrillatorsBudget and Risk Management9/16/2015
Background Screening PolicyHuman Resources3/14/2018
Baun Fitness Center Rules and RegulationsStudent Life9/1/2015
Bias and Discriminatory Harassment Policies and ProtocolsStudent Life6/24/2016
Business Continuity Planning PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Campus Account PolicyController7/1/2007
Campus Catering PolicyStudent Life8/31/2015
Capital Assets ManagementController11/10/2015
Capital Project Decision ProcessBoard of Regents1/18/2013
Chemical Hygiene PlanBudget and Risk Management3/14/2018
Clery Act HandbookPublic Safety8/31/2015
Code of Ethical Conduct Interim PolicyHuman Resources2/25/2020
Community Partners FundingExternal Relations12/1/2015
Compensation PhilosophyHuman Resources7/13/2018
Complaint and Grievance PolicyHuman Resources7/13/2018
Compliance - AmateurismAthletics7/1/2011
Compliance - Awards and BenefitsAthletics7/1/2014
Compliance - EligibilityAthletics12/21/2017
Compliance - Ethical ConductAthletics7/1/2011
Compliance - Financial-AidAthletics7/1/2011
Compliance - IntroductionAthletics7/1/2011
Compliance - PersonnelAthletics7/1/2011
Compliance - Playing and Practice SeasonsAthletics7/1/2011
Compliance - RecruitingAthletics7/1/2011
Computing and Communications Confidentiality PolicyInformation Technology11/12/2007
Conflict of Interest Interim Policy for Administrators, Faculty, and StaffCompliance5/26/2020
Contract Signature Authority PolicyBusiness and Finance1/29/2019
Coordination of Interaction with RegentsPresident’s Office9/15/2012
Debt PolicyBoard of Regents10/30/2015
Deferred-GiftsBoard of Regents2/10/2014
DeRosa Center Building PolicyStudent Life9/1/2015
Disciplinary Action Policy for Compliance MisconductCompliance6/25/2020
Diversity and Equal Opportunity PolicyHuman Resources7/10/2018
Driving Vehicles on University BusinessEnterprise Risk Management2/8/2017
Electronic Mass Communication PolicyInformation Technology11/12/2007
Email PolicyInformation Technology8/23/2018
Emergency Notification PolicyInformation Technology7/13/2018
Emergency Plans and ProceduresAthletics7/1/2011
Employment and Performance StandardsHuman Resources7/12/2018
Entering Into Contracts PolicyBusiness and Finance1/29/2019
Entertainment PolicyController7/1/2007
Equipment OperationsAthletics7/1/2011
Expenditure AuthorizationController6/26/2014
Expenditure TransfersController6/26/2014
External Trusted Network Security PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Externally Managed Donor Advised FundsBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Facilities and SpacesBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Facilities Event ManagementAthletics7/1/2011
Facility Renovation, Repair and MaintenanceSupport Services5/21/1999
Faculty-Led Program Proposal GuidelinesAcademic Affairs8/3/2015
Filming on CampusMarketing and University Communications12/1/2015
Financial OperationsAthletics7/1/2011
Financial ReportingController6/26/2014
Flexible Work Time PolicyHuman Resources9/3/2015
Fraud Hotline PolicyInternal Audit4/16/2015
Fundraising and DevelopmentAthletics7/1/2011
Galas and Fundraising EventsBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Gift Acceptance CommitteeBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Gift AccountingController6/26/2014
Gift AnnuitiesBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Gift DispositionController8/14/2014
Gift Policy IntroductionBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Gift Review CommitteeBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Gifts in Kind (GIF) GuidelinesBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Gifts, Awards, PrizesController7/1/2010
Hazard Communication PlanBudget and Risk Management6/7/2016
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Interim policyCompliance2/25/2020
Indirect Costs - Sponsored ProgramsController6/30/2014
Information Management PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Information Security Education and Awareness PolicyInformation Technology8/23/2018
Information Security PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Injury Illness Prevention Program PolicyBudget and Risk Management12/14/2018
Intangible Personal PropertyBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Interim Policy for Remote Working Exceptions and Temporary Emergency LeaveHuman Resources3/13/2020
Internal Audit Recommendation Implementation Procedures PolicyInternal Audit4/16/2015
Intimate Relationships Affecting Supervisory Functions, Teaching and MentoringHuman Resources10/18/2013
Introduction to Athletics PoliciesAthletics7/1/2011
Investment Policy StatementBoard of Regents8/29/2017
Marketing and AdvertisingMarketing and University Communications12/1/2015
Media RelationsMarketing and University Communications12/1/2015
Medical Waste Management PlanEnterprise Risk Management3/14/2018
Memoranda of Understanding PolicyAcademic Affairs12/1/2015
Missing Person PolicyPublic Safety9/1/2015
Mobile Device PolicyBusiness and Finance8/7/2018
Morris Chapel Use PolicyStudent Life9/1/2015
Moving ExpensesController4/23/2018
Naming Gifts EndowmentsBoard of Regents2/10/2014
NepotismHuman Resources5/21/2015
Network Attached System Security PolicyInformation Technology10/15/2009
Network Scope of Service PolicyInformation Technology8/13/2007
Non-Discrimination and Non-Retaliation PolicyHuman Resources7/11/2018
Non-Government Grants and ContractsBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Open Flames PolicyBudget and Risk Management7/13/2018
Organization and GovernanceAthletics7/1/2011
PacificCard - Department-CardsController6/30/2014
Parking RegulationsPublic Safety9/1/2015
PledgesBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Policy on PoliciesCompliance5/12/2020
Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct Discrimination and RetaliationHuman Resources8/4/2020
Powell MatchDevelopment8/8/2014
Privacy PolicyInformation Technology2/25/2008
Procurement PolicyController12/7/2018
Protection of Minors on CampusEnterprise Risk Management2/18/2020
PublicationsMarketing and University Communications12/1/2015
Purchasing Policy (Supplier Diversity, Local Suppliers, and Sustainability)Controller1/1/2011
Real PropertyBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with DisabilitiesHuman Resources7/10/2018
Receipts HandlingController8/13/2014
Records Retention Destruction - Financial RecordsController8/13/2014
Remote Access PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Renovations to FacilitiesController8/13/2014
Security and Anti Violence PolicyHuman Resources7/13/2018
Segregation of Systems PolicyInformation Technology4/11/2002
Sick Leave Policy for Students and Temp CasualEmployeesHuman Resources7/1/2015
Smoke Vaping and Tobacco Free PolicyHuman Resources8/11/2020
Social-MediaMarketing and University Communications12/1/2015
Staff HandbookHuman Resources7/31/2020
Staff LeavesHuman Resources7/13/2018
Staff Live In PolicyStudent Life9/1/2015
Staff Telecommuting PolicyHuman Resources9/3/2015
Standards for University Investigations PolicyCompliance6/25/2020
Statement of Diversity and InclusionStudent Life6/29/2018
Student Advising Polices and ProceduresStudent Life9/1/2015
Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use PolicyStudent Life9/1/2015
Student Athlete ServicesAthletics12/21/2017
Student General Non-Academic GrievancesStudent Life9/1/2015
Summer Session Faculty Compensation PolicyAcademic Affairs12/1/2015
Surplus Property DispositionController8/13/2014
Sustainable Building Construction and RenovationBoard of Regents10/9/2009
Tangible Personal PropertyBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Technology Acquisition Coordination PolicyInformation Technology1/7/2008
Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty Workload PolicyAcademic Affairs12/1/2015
TerminationsHuman Resources7/12/2018
Ticket OperationsAthletics7/1/2011
Total Compensation and Paid AbsencesHuman Resources6/12/2019
Travel PolicyController8/13/2014
Tuition Exchange PolicyHuman Resources6/17/2013
Tuition Remission Policy for Faculty and StaffHuman Resources7/29/2016
Types of GiftsBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Undesignated and Pending Donor Designation GiftsBoard of Regents1/20/2016
University Closure PolicyEnterprise Risk Management1/11/2019
University Involvement in Political ActivitiesBusiness and Finance11/1/2011
Use of University Name, Seal, Wordmark and Other TrademarksAthletics12/1/2015
Volunteer Community Service PolicyHuman Resources1/1/2013
Volunteering at PacificHuman Resources10/18/2012
Web CommunicationsMarketing and University Communications12/1/2015
When to Report GiftsBoard of Regents2/10/2014
Whistleblower Interim Policy Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing and Protection From RetaliationCompliance5/26/2020
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