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Use of University Name, Seal, Wordmark and Other Trademarks


The purpose of this policy is to define permitted uses and restrictions on use of the University of the Pacific name, seal and trademarks. The policy also identifies the appropriate offices on campus from which to seek authorization for use of the name, seal and trademarks or to arrange for licensing of the name, seal or trademarks. This policy applies to all media, including print, radio, television, video, motion pictures, and all forms of electronic media (e.g., Internet websites and electronic mail).

The name "University of the Pacific" and all abbreviations thereof are the property of the university and may not be used to imply the university's endorsement, support, association with or opposition to an organization, product or service without permission of the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

University of the Pacific logos, designs and visual images are protected by trademark and copyright law. Unauthorized use of any of these names and trademarks may constitute trademark and/or copyright infringement as well as an unfair business practice.

Concurrence of university General Counsel is required before permission is granted for either commercial use of the university name or noncommercial use by organizations and groups.

The official seal of the university is used in connection with transactions of the business of the Board of Regents and of the university. It is used on university diplomas, letterhead, and other corporate materials. Use of the seal as a symbol of the university for any official purpose or in connection with alumni, student, or public projects must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

Please consult the official Identity Program Standards guide for guidelines and to download files:

Restrictions on commercial use

Approval shall not be given to advertising listing the university as a user of any product or service or as the source of research information on which a commercial program or publication is based, except that approval may be granted for institutional or goodwill advertising clearly regarded as being in the best interests of the university. If any doubt exists as to whether the use of the university's name will contribute to the best interests of the university, the permission shall be withheld.

Manufacture and distribution of all commercial products (e.g., clothing, pennants, drinking glasses, mugs) bearing the name, seal, trademarks, or other identifier (e.g., the term "Pacific Tiger") of the university shall be permitted only under a license granted by the university.

Restrictions on noncommercial use by organizations and groups

The following types of campus organizations may be permitted, with the approval of the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, to use the name University of the Pacific, or an abbreviation thereof, as part of its own name: constituent organizations, University of the Pacific support groups, alumni organizations, and competitive sports clubs.

Permission for use may be withdrawn at any time the authorizing official determines that further usage will not be in the best interests of the university or that there has been a failure to adhere to the basis on which the request to use the name or abbreviation was originally submitted and approved.

Restrictions on use by individual employees

An employee may accurately state his or her relationship to the University except in those circumstances in which such identification might reasonably be construed as implying the support, endorsement, advancement, or opposition of any political, religious, sociological, or economic movement, activity, or program by the university. In such circumstances it is the responsibility of the employee to issue an appropriate disclaimer concurrent with the use of the university name declaring in substance that the university is not involved in the particular activity or program.

Restrictions on use of Athletics marks

The university Athletics marks, which contain images of the Powercat mascot, shall be used only for sports programs, student activities (including student recruitment publications), and licensed goods for sale for which the university received royalty payments.

The Athletics marks shall not be used to identify campus academic or administrative units, programs, or individuals.

With appropriate permission, support groups, alumni organizations, competitive sports clubs, or registered student organizations may use an affiliate logo on their web sites or blogs.

Groups using the affiliate logo must include the following disclaimer:

All views expressed here are those of the author and not University of the Pacific. University of the Pacific logo used with permission.

Permission to use the logo may be withdrawn if the authorizing official determines that the logo has been misused, is misleading, or violates policy.

To obtain approval to use these logos and wordmarks, contact Dan Chapman, Associate Director of Athletics for Marketing and Media.

Email and phone contact information:  

                                    University:       Katie Ismael



                                    Athletics:         Dan Chapman



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