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University Closure Policy


Whenever there is an impending or potential danger to life (health /safety) and/or property, Pacific will take every possible action necessary to protect our community.   Those actions may include a partial, campus or university-wide closure, class suspension, dismissal of employees, cancelation of activities or any other actions in accordance with this policy.  This policy addresses circumstances regarding non-crisis decisions.

Immediate life and/or property crisis situations will involve the activation of the Pacific Alert Team.


This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and guests of Pacific on all University campuses and properties.


Unplanned Event

An unplanned event is an event that has occurred without notice (Notice refers to a documented approval by an authorized university representative), which effects all or a portion of normal University operations.  An unplanned event may or may not necessarily pose a threat to life or property.

Planned Event

A planned event is an event that will occur, and that affects all or a portion of normal University operations, with notice.   A planned event may not necessarily pose an apparent threat to life or property (e.g. closing parking lots, building renovations).


An emergency is a sudden, generally unexpected occurrence that requires immediate attention and affects all or a portion of normal University operations.   An emergency generally involves an apparent threat to life and property.  Outside emergency services may be required, as well as significant efforts from the University administration during times of crises.


Any event or occurrence that has seriously impaired or halted the operations of the University.  In some cases, personnel casualties and severe property damage may be sustained.  Since such disasters are often wide-ranging and complex, a timely resolution of disaster conditions will require university-wide cooperation and extensive coordination with external agencies.

Essential Personnel

Essential personnel are employees designated by the Vice President/Provost of University Divisions(s) who by virtue of their employment responsibilities, provide services that relate directly to the health, safety, and welfare of the University, ensure continuity of key operations and maintain and protect University property when an unplanned event, planned event, emergency or disaster occurs that affects all or a portion of the University.

Impact Response Team

The Impact Response Team will be a limited number, of individuals appointed by Cabinet that work within the University (three campus representation) as subject matter experts and representatives of various University constituents.   This group will gather and monitor event information by utilizing resources, including other subject matter experts from the University and within the community.  This information along with the team's recommendations will be provided to Cabinet.     

Policy Statement

When it becomes necessary for a partial, campus or University-wide closure of normal operations, a number of factors will influence whether all or a part of the University will be affected.   These factors include, but are not limited to, the risk of injury or death to people, property damages and disruption to essential utilities.

During an event that may have impact on the people and/or infrastructure of the University that requires consideration for University closure the Impact Response Team will be activated.  The Impact Response Team will gather information from local and regional authorities and provide recommendations/options for action to Cabinet.  The President or acting President, if the President is unavailable, will make decisions that may affect short and long term institutional operations once the Impact Response Team has presented options and the Cabinet have been briefed.   These may include but are not limited to, a partial, campus or university-wide closure, class suspension, dismissal of employees, cancelation of activities and other appropriate measures designed to mitigate the risk of injury or death to people and property damage.

Once the decision is made to either cancel classes or close the University, the Pacific Alert Team will be activated to ensure all operational plans for such closure are implemented.  

A notice will go out to the affected campus through the Emergency Alert System (Pacific Connect, emergency webpage, all campus emails). University community members can follow the progress of any emergency through the emergency webpage.

Essential personnel will be required to stay on call to support critical operations.

Once the impacted campus or University is closed to everyone except essential personnel, non-essential campus community members must leave the campus/premise for their safety.


Individuals not authorized to be on campus during a campus closure due so at their own peril. Violations of the campus closure policy may result in employee or student disciplinary action or arrest for trespass.


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