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Summer Session Faculty Compensation Policy

1. Full-time Faculty (Tenure Track and Tenured) Compensation for Approved Courses


Full-time faculty members (regardless of academic rank or tenure status) shall be compensated 2.78% of their total 9-month appointment rate per unit of summer session taught, based upon their appointment for the current academic year (previous fall/spring calendar year) and census enrollment (see Exhibit A). This equates to approximately one-ninth of the total 9-month appointment compensation for a single four-unit course during summer session meeting minimal enrollment. No individual faculty member shall be eligible to earn more than 3/9 of their overall 9-month appointment compensation during any academic year summer. 

To be eligible for this compensation structure, courses offered must be approved by both the Dean of the faculty member’s academic unit as well as the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, and must be offered to students paying full summer rate tuition. Courses offered for no tuition or reduced tuition rates are not eligible under this compensation scale. 

2. Non- Tenure Track Faculty Compensation

Part-time Non- tenure track faculty members shall be compensated for summer session courses at the same rate that their academic unit would pay per course during fall or spring sessions, adjusted for census enrollment . Any increase in this rate shall be at the discretion of the Dean of the academic unit, with the increase paid by the academic unit, subject to Provost approval. 

Full-time non-tenure track faculty shall be compensated under the same provisions as full-time tenure track and tenured faculty as outlined in section #1 above. 

3. Compensation Tied to Enrollment Levels


To be eligible for compensation each course section must meet certain minimum enrollment thresholds. These enrollment minimums shall be determined by the Provost in consultation with the Vice President of Business and Finance. 

If a course does not meet these minimum thresholds and is approved to be offered, scaled course compensation will be dependent on census enrollment levels. The summer school compensation structure, based on student enrollment, is shown in Exhibit A. Compensation for Independent Study courses will follow the same policy parameters. 

4. Compensation for Reduced Tuition Courses


No faculty member, regardless of rank or time status, shall be paid for courses which have zero tuition related income during summer session. If students enroll in reduced tuition courses, faculty members shall be compensated at a flat rate per student, to be determined by the Provost in consultation with the Vice President of Business and Finance, and paid by the academic unit. 

5. No Exceptions Will be Granted to this Policy

​Summer School Compensation Structure
Salary Structure (based on a 4-unit course, scaled for courses less than or above 4 units)
Census Enrollment 1-9 (scaled 1.1% of salary per student)
Census Enrollment 10-30 (1/9 of salary)
Census Enrollment 31-40 (1/9 of salary + 1.1% of salary per additional student up to 2/9)
Census Enrollment 41+ (3/9 of salary maximum) 

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