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Student Financial Clearance Policy


Unregistered students will not be permitted to participate in academic courses, whether offered in-person, online, or in any other format. This policy will help mitigate university risk and direct students to complete financial responsibilities prior to engaging in academics.


This policy applies to all Pacific students, faculty, and staff, excluding dental courses offered by Dugoni School of Dentistry.


Responsible Items

Student Accounts

All communication is managed by Student Accounts staff. Communication may include email, phone calls, texting, and reports to stakeholders.  

Communicate policy and consequence of non-compliance.

Manage financial status and clearance/cancellation of students, including deadlines, pending cancellation, executing cancellation, re-registration requirements

FacultyEnsure only registered students participate in courses and/or have access to the university's Learning Management System and/or course materials.
RegistrarExecute registration cancellation upon notification by Student Accounts. Execute re-registration upon clearance notification by Student Accounts.





Financial Cancellation

The process in which students who have not satisfied their financial obligations are dropped from their courses, and are removed from access to related course material in the Learning Management System.

Financial Clearance



Recognition by the university that a student has satisfied all financial obligations for the semester. Achieving Financial Clearance may involve setting up a payment plan that has been approved by the university for the outstanding balance, or making payment in full.




Registration is the means by which an individual officially becomes a student at Pacific. Registrants are further identified by school/college of the University, degree, status, classification and major.

Policy Statement

Students may not participate, in any capacity, in a course for which they are not Registered after the “last day to add a course" in the current term (as indicated on the academic calendar), and have been financially cancelled. This includes but is not limited to physical and virtual attendance or engagement as well as accessing the university's Learning Management System and/or course materials. Instructors may not grant permission to access the Learning Management System and related course materials for a student who is not Financially Cleared as shown on the official course roster for the term impacted.

Registration in a course is limited to students who are Financially Cleared with Student Accounts.  If a student is not Financially Cleared but is Registered for courses in a future semester due to early Registration, they will also be withdrawn from those courses in the future semester. In the event a student is not Financially Cleared, and Registration is cancelled, then the student must immediately terminate all participation in any course for which the student is not Registered until Financial Clearance is obtained by communicating with Student Accounts, and Registration is reinstated into their selected courses.

The Student Accounts office communicates regularly regarding the status of students who are not Financially Cleared and will timely respond to student inquiries regarding Financial Clearance and Registration during business hours.


The student's failure to comply with this policy, by not resolving financial matters by the deadline, will result in Financial Cancellation of Registration. Faculty and staff failing to adhere to this policy are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Disciplinary Action Policy for Compliance Misconduct [LINK].

Contact Information

Contact the Office of Student Accounts for questions pertaining to this policy.​


Department PhoneEmail



QuestionsSacramento Business Services

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