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Sick Time & Sick Time Donation (Catastrophic Leave)- Total Compensation and Paid Absences Policy


University of the Pacific offers employees sick time hours to provide an opportunity for employees to take time for their own or an immediate family member's illness or injury.


This policy applies to University of the Pacific employees.

ContactResponsible Items
Office of Human ResourcesAdministration of the sick time and sick time donation (catastrophic leave) policy.
Office of Human Resources – Pacific BenefitsCoordination, review and approval of catastrophic sick leave donations including eligibility and coverage.



Immediate family memberThe staff member's spouse, children and step‐children, parents and step‐parents or registered domestic partner.
Catastrophic LeaveEmployees who have exhausted their leave hours and must miss work due to a prolonged illness or injury.


Policy Statement

The University of the Pacific provides sick time to employees. All regular full‐time staff members earn the equivalent of one (1) day of sick time per month or twelve (12) days per year (i.e., calculated at the rate of .04615 per hour of service). Staff members may bank a maximum of ninety (90) days accrued sick time or a maximum equivalent as follows:

Scheduled WorkweekMaximum Sick Accrual
40 hour workweek720 hours (90 days)
37-1/2 hour workweek675 hours (90 days)
35 hour workweek630 hours (90 days)
30 hour workweek540 hours (90 days)
25 hour workweek450 hours (90 days)
20 hour workweek360 hours (90 days)

Staff members will continue to accrue sick time until the staff member reaches the maximum accrual. For  eligible  part‐time  staff  members,  the  accrual  maximum  will  be  pro‐rated  based  on  the  staff member's full‐time equivalency.  If a staff member receives State Disability Insurance benefits during an illness, Pacific shall integrate these benefits with any accrued sick time. Staff members who have reached his or her maximum accrual of sick leave will cease to accrue any additional hours. The accrual will not begin again until the accrued hours fall below the allowable maximum.

Staff members shall use accumulated sick time for their own or an immediate family member's illness or injury. Time off for medical and dental appointments for staff members or their immediate family members will also be treated as paid sick time.  "Immediate family member" includes the staff member's spouse, children and step‐children, parents and step‐parents or registered domestic partner.

Except in an emergency, medical and dental appointments should be scheduled to create the least disruption to a department's operations. Medical or dental appointments may be scheduled during work hours with consideration for operational needs and with supervisory approval. Staff members shall notify their supervisor of appointments as soon as possible or at least two (2) working days in advance of the scheduled appointment.  The University may require medical verification of injury or illness.

If a staff member is absent due to an illness or injury for more than seven (7) calendar days, Human Resources must be notified and short‐term disability forms must be completed. Staff members may not return to work without first providing Human Resources with proof of medical clearance.

Paycheck stubs include a record of accrued sick time that is available for use.  In order to ensure that accurate time records are kept, all sick time taken must be reported to Payroll on a timesheet.  Accrued but unused sick time shall not be paid out upon termination.

Sick Time Donation (Catastrophic Leave)
University staff members may donate accumulated sick time to another staff member at Pacific who is in need of additional paid time due to their own catastrophic, serious and/or extended illness. Time will be donated to the recipient in increments equivalent to the donor's regularly scheduled workday. Donors may contribute a maximum of five (5) days to each recipient in any year. A recipient may receive a maximum of twenty (20) days for their own catastrophic, serious and/or extended illness and must have qualified for Short‐term Disability.  An employee will be eligible to receive the maximum of twenty (20) days of sick leave donation one time per year on a rolling calendar year basis. The rolling calendar begins on the date that the staff member receives the first sick leave donation and ends twelve (12) months later. Pacific shall integrate donated time with other forms of wage replacement benefits. Human Resources will coordinate, review and approve the process of catastrophic sick leave donations including eligibility and coverage.

Staff members are eligible to receive the donation of sick time if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • Must be a catastrophic, serious and/or extended injury or illness
  • Must be on an approved leave of absence
  • Must not be on worker's compensation
  • Must be on leave for 60 days or more
  • Must have exhausted all of their accrued sick/vacation time 

Once sick time donation is credited, it may not be retrieved for any reason. Each donating staff member must retain at least the equivalent of two (2) years accrued sick time (based on his or her average work hours) after any donation.
Staff members leaving employment at Pacific cannot make a donation from any remaining accrued sick leave.



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Sick Time, InformationOffice of Human Resources (209)
Documenting sick time hours on timesheetPayroll Office(209)


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