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Mobile Device Policy


Mobile Devices are a common tool used by many university employees for both work and personal reasons.  University employees are likely to have Personal Mobile Devices and in many cases data plans, regardless of their employment duties.  The use of Mobile Devices for business purposes can be expensive and the decision to incur such costs must be evaluated. The purpose of this policy is to establish a Mobile Device policy and guidelines so that we may deploy this important resource efficiently.


This policy applies to all university employees.


The University of the Pacific will not authorize the purchase of Mobile Devices and service for individual employee use except pursuant to this policy.  Employees may not use any form of payment including stipends, pro-cards or direct billing to pay for Mobile Devices and service except as permitted under this policy.

The occasional and necessary use of Personal Mobile Devices for work-related purposes is no different than the occasional use of other personal equipment (e.g. a land line at home).  Consistent with Pacific's reimbursement policies, if the occasional and necessary use has a cost and the employee is able to support that cost with the appropriate invoice documentation from the service provider, with department approval, the employee may submit a request for reimbursement for specific use of the employee's Personal Mobile Device.  This request will not be unreasonably denied, provided the appropriate documentation is submitted.

Subject to the approval of a Vice President/Provost /President, departments may request University-owned Mobile Devices (known as Duty Phones) that will be assigned to the department for check-out by individuals whose job function requires that they be accessible 24x7 for rotating on-call responsibilities or responding to maintenance needs.  In these cases, the Duty Phone and service may not be used by, nor assigned to, one specific individual.

Upon approval of a Vice President / Provost / President, employees whose necessary business use of their Personal Mobile Device is recurring and predictable, such as employees whose job responsibilities require them to travel frequently on business (e.g. 30 days or more per year) or those whose job responsibilities require immediate response to critical issues (e.g. critical infrastructure support with a campus or university wide impact), the university may at its discretion offer a stipend to reimburse employees for the estimated actual costs associated with the necessary business use of their Personal Mobile Device. 

The request for a University owned mobile device (aka duty phone) and stipend must be submitted or resubmitted and approved annually prior to the beginning of each fiscal year.

This policy is not intended to replace any established contractual or accreditor requirements that the University has entered into.  


Mobile DeviceA device used to make or receive wireless voice or data calls or interactions on the public cellular telephone networks.  This definition includes any cellular data services plan for a hotspot, or tablet device (ex. iPad or Kindle Fire).
University owned Mobile DeviceA Mobile Device purchased with University funds and remains the property of the University.  Only voice and text will be available on university owned Mobile Devices.
Duty PhoneA Mobile Device purchased with University funds, owned by the University and is assigned to a specific department.  The department can check these phones out to their employees based on the requirements outlined in this policy.  These phones will be voice and text only with no data plan.
​Occasional Use Uses of a Mobile Device which are more than incidental, and which is not recurring and predictable.
​Personal Mobile Device​A Mobile Device that is owned and/or paid for by an individual, or for which the data services are paid for by an individual.



Employees failing to abide by this policy may be subject to corrective action up to and including, dismissal, and/or legal action by the University. 


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