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Lactation Accommodation in the Workplace Interim Policy


This policy is to establish guidelines for promoting a breastfeeding-friendly work environment and supporting lactating employees at University of the Pacific. University of the Pacific supports the legal right and necessity of employees who choose to express milk in the workplace.


This policy applies to all university employees.

ContactResponsible Items
Office of Human Resources- Employee BenefitsAll employee benefits/rights and records for lactation accommodation requests




Policy Statement

University of the Pacific is committed to promoting a work environment that supports breastfeeding and establishes that employees have a right to request lactation accommodations in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, California Labor Code sections 1030-1033 and the City of San Francisco's Lactation in the Workplace Ordinance.

  • A copy of this policy will be disseminated to every newly hired employee and to any employee who inquires about or requests pregnancy or parental leave.
  • This policy will be included in the University Policy Website.


  • The break time shall, if possible, run concurrently with the employee's lunch and break time.
  • If the time for an employee's break time does not run concurrently or when additional time is necessary, the break time may be unpaid.

Lactation Space
University of the Pacific will provide breastfeeding employees with space in close proximity to the employee's work area that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from co-workers and the public. The room or location may include the place where the employee normally works if it otherwise meets the requirements of the lactation space. Restrooms are prohibited from being utilized for lactation purposes.
The lactation space must:

  • Be safe, clean, and free of toxic or hazardous materials
  • Contain a place to sit, a surface to place a breast pump and personal items
  • Have access to electricity
  • Have access to a sink with running water and a refrigerator in close proximity
  • Multi-purpose rooms may be used as lactation space if they satisfy the requirements for space; however, use of the room for lactation precludes any other concurrent use.​

Employer Records:
The Office of Human Resources will maintain a record of the written requests for lactation accommodation that includes the name of the employee, the date of the request, and a description of how the employer resolved the request. If an employer denies a request for lactation accommodation it must save the written denial.  All of these records must be maintained for 3 years from the date of request.


Retaliation is prohibited against lactating employees for exercising their rights granted by the ordinance. This includes those who request time to express breast milk at work and/or who lodge a complaint related to the right to lactation accommodations. Violations of this policy will be addressed in accordance with the Disciplinary Action Policy for Compliance Misconduct [LINK].

Contact Information

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Lactation Accommodation RequestEmployee Benefits-Office of Human


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