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Internal Audit Recommendation Implementation Procedures Policy


To document the procedures for report implementation plans and accountability of auditees for internal audit recommendations to the Pacific Audit Committee.


These procedures apply to all Pacific units responsible for implementing recommendations stemming from an internal audit.


Pacific Internal Audit regularly issues audit reports including recommendations for management to implement.  The intent of these recommendations is to strengthen internal controls and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and policies as well as to improve efficiencies within the units at Pacific.   The Audit Committee and Internal Audit are responsible for ensuring recommendations to management have been implemented in a complete and timely manner. 


When audit reports are issued the recommendations are discussed with management to ensure that all recommendations are clear, relevant and understood.  Management then formulates responses which include an implementation plan.  These plans include dates when the proposed action is to be completed.  All management responses, including implementation dates are forwarded to their relevant Vice President or Provost who reviews and approves the responses.  Once approved at the VP or Provost level, internal audit incorporates the management responses into the internal audit report which is presented to the Audit Committee.

Before each audit committee meeting, Internal Audit reviews all implementation plans and requests a status update for all open recommendations.  Audited units provide status updates for all uncompleted audit recommendations – these status reports are approved at the VP or Provost level and forwarded to Internal Audit to report to the Audit Committee and the President.

Periodically, audited units will not be able to implement their plans within the original due date and will adjust the date and provide reasons for the delay.  These changes are approved at the VP or Provost level.  Internal Audit is responsible for highlighting any changes in due dates and communicating the reasons for the changes to the Audit Committee and the President.  At their discretion, the Audit Committee may require the audited unit to appear before the Committee to support their reasoning for delaying implementation of an audit recommendation.

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