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Driving Vehicles on University Business


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety of employees who drive vehicles on university business and to maintain insurance eligibility.    


This applies to any university employee:

  • Driving a University Vehicle (leased/owned)
  • Driving a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) for Official University Business
  • Driving Powered Carts/Low Speed Vehicles (LSV)
  • Driving a Rented Vehicles


ContactResponsible Items
Enterprise Risk ManagementDriving on university business




A university employee who has been cleared by Enterprise Risk Management and who either 1) is authorized by the university to drive a University Vehicle  or  2) drives their privately owned vehicle or rental vehicle four (4) or more days per month (any given month), as directed in his/her job description or by a supervisor.
Authorized PassengerAn individual who has been approved by the relevant university supervisor or manager to ride as a passenger in a University Vehicle within the scope of Official University Business.
Excluded DriverAn employee who fails to meet the university driving qualifications as outlined in university procedures.
Low Speed Vehicle
Motorized vehicle which is capable of a top speed of 25 mph.  LSV's have a CA exempt license plate and may be driven on public streets posted 35 mph or less that are adjacent to the University campus in Stockton.
Official University
Any activity conducted in conformance to the rules and regulations of the university, and directed and controlled to advance the policies and purposes of the university.
Powered CartA gasoline or battery powered vehicle which is not licensed by the California State Department of Motor Vehicles (does not have a license plate) and may not be driven on public roadways.
Privately Owned
Vehicle (POV)
A privately owned or leased vehicle.
University VehicleAny motor vehicle that is owned, rented, leased by the university, or provided as a courtesy to the university, or is otherwise in the possession and control of the university. This includes Powered Carts and Low Speed Vehicles.


Policy Statement

The University of the Pacific is committed to ensure all employees who drive on behalf of the university are trained and cleared to do so. Employees who drive on behalf of the university must meet minimum driver qualifications as determined by the university, follow all state, county and city vehicle codes, and be approved to drive by Enterprise Risk Management as Authorized/Cleared Drivers in accordance to Driving Vehicles on University Business Procedures.  Only Authorized / Cleared Drivers may drive University Vehicles or Privately Owned Vehicles on Official University Business. The university assumes no responsibility for the insurance coverage on a Privately Owned Vehicle, even if it is used on university business. Excluded Drivers may not drive vehicles or transport Passengers on Official University Business. Any driver who is not insurable under the university auto policy will be deemed an Excluded Driver. 
Transporting Passengers
An employee driving a University Vehicle may transport Authorized Passengers when it is within the scope of Official University Business and with the approval of a university supervisor or manager.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
The university follows Department of Transportation rules and regulations concerning use of a CDL on Official University Business. If an employee's driver's license status changes, due to violations or non-renewal for example, the employee may lose their eligibility to drive whether or not Enterprise Risk Management has taken steps to change the employee's authorization status.
Personal Use

Personal use of university property (including vehicles as defined in the scope of this policy) is prohibited as stated in the Capital Assets Management Policy.

Incident Reporting

Enterprise Risk Management must be notified within 24 hours of any third party injury or property damage by submitting a completed online Incident Report. See Driving Vehicles on University Business Procedures for more information.


Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the loss of university driving privileges (including Powered Carts/LSV's) and may lead to termination.

Contact Information

For questions, concerns, or additional information, contact Enterprise Risk Management​.

Inquiries, concerns, additional informationEnterprise Risk Managementriskmanagement@pacific.eduEnterprise Risk Management


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