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Coordination of Interaction with Regents

University of the Pacific is extremely fortunate to have an extraordinary Board of Regents, made up of individuals who are passionate about and committed to the success of the University. The Regents contribute their time, energies and resources to the institution in many ways. We look forward to their continued support as they serve on our governing Board.

As Regents, however, their role is special. We want to be sure that the University as a whole is respectful of their roles, that our requests of them are reasonable and coordinated throughout the three campuses, that we are able to acknowledge their participation, and that we have the opportunity to leverage their time and involvement as appropriate. We therefore continue to request that all interface with any Regent be coordinated with the President's Office as outlined below. It is not our intent to limit a school's, college's or institute's ability to access and work with Regents. Rather, we want to be sure that you work with Regents is handled in an appropriate and coordinated fashion.  


Here are guidelines for how coordination should be handled. In general:

  • Any and all fund raising activities involving, and requests for donations from, a Regent need to be coordinated in advance with the Vice President for University Development. He or She will coordinate with the President's Office. 
  • In order to avoid conflicting roles, the Board of Regents' Chair is encouraging Regents to limit their continued involvement with other University boards, whether operational or advisory. However, some may elect to stay engaged. Please be sure that the Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Regents, is aware of any such relationships, and that you communicate with him or her regularly about the Regent's ongoing engagement.
  • Requests for a Regent's time or service (e.g. a request for service on a leadership/advisory board, a lecture or other appearance, whether on or off campus, etc.) should be coordinated with, and approved in advance by, the President's Office.
  • Any invitations to Regents, individually or collectively, should be coordinated with the President's Office. The decision on whether the invitations will be provided to the President's Office for mailing, or whether they can be mailed (or emailed) directly from the entity extending the invitation will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please let the President's Office know in advance when you are aware that a Regent is going to be on any of the three campuses. If Regents RSVP that they will attend an event that your organization is coordinating please be sure that the President's Office is aware- even if it is an event that is generally open. Similarly, if you have been invited by a Regent to attend an event, please advise the President's Office in advance.
  • Finally, if a Regent calls you directly, take the call or return the call promptly, but let the Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Regents know the nature of the call.
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