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Compliance - Recruiting

Table of Contents

Recruitment of Prospective Student-Athletes
Pre-Enrollment Eligibility for Incoming Student-Athletes
Recruiting Administration
Four-Year Prospective Student-Athletes
Permission to Contact Pacific Student-Athletes
Official Visits
Unofficial Visits
Policies for Both Official and Unofficial Visits
National Letter of Intent Procedure
Accounting of Recruiting Funds
Camps & Clinics Guidelines and Procedures

Compliance Sections

Compliance Introduction
Ethical Conduct
Financial Aid
Awards & Benefits
Playing & Practice Seasons


Recruitment of Prospective Student-Athletes

The active recruitment of prospective student-athletes is expected for all sports.

All applicable NCAA and Conference rules and regulations regarding recruiting must be followed. Coaches are required to be thoroughly familiar with and have knowledge of the recruiting, eligibility, and financial  aid  regulations  found  within  the  NCAA  Manual  (Bylaws  13,  14  and  15)  before attempting to recruit any student-athlete. Every year, prior to recruiting off-campus, every coach is required to pass the NCAA Coaches Recruiting Certification exam. The exam is administered by the Faculty Athletics Representative and/or the Assistant Director of Compliance.

Recruiting expenses are a part of a sports budget and should be requested during the budget-making process. Funds should be designated for mailings, phone calls, coaches' recruiting (visitation and evaluation) travel, and recruit visitation expenses. The costs of scouting and evaluation services must be budgeted before subscriptions are requested, and in basketball the service must be approved by the NCAA.

Prospective student-athletes are limited to five paid official visits and may make only one official visit (prior to high school graduation) to any given school. Prospective student-athletes and parents on an unofficial visit are not eligible for payment of meals, lodging or transportation (even buying the recruit a soda is prohibited).

Recruiting activities are considered a coaching activity. Only coaches may contact prospective student-athletes for the purpose of recruitment. Alumni, boosters and representatives of athletics interests are specifically prohibited from recruiting prospective student-athletes, either in person, by phone or mail.

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Pre-Enrollment Eligibility for Incoming Student-Athletes

Prospective student review for athletic certification over summer prior to fall enrollment:

Prospective students who need coursework for eligibility purposes will be reviewed by Athletics Compliance Staff and Faculty Athletics Representative.

Limit of two summer courses; additional course requests to be reviewed by FAR and Chair of Athletics Advisory Board (NCAA rules limit prospective freshmen to one core course over the summer).

Head coach and assistant coaches must sign agreement stating they will not be involved with any and all aspects of the summer courses and academic progress.

Prospective students will be informed of NCAA rules regarding eligibility and academic support services.

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Recruiting Administration

The Compliance  Office  will  work  with  coaches  to  develop  procedures  and  forms  to  assure compliance with all applicable NCAA recruiting regulations, including but not limited to:

  • Phone Calls
  • Evaluations/Contacts
  • Official/Unofficial Visits
  • Complimentary Admissions

The Compliance Office will coordinate with the Associate Director of Athletics for Internal Affairs and  the Business  Manager  to  monitor  recruiting  travel  to  assure  coaches  are  completing  the necessary information regarding evaluations and contacts on the road.

Four-Year Prospective Student-Athletes

No member of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is allowed to discuss with any student-athlete (or student) enrolled at another four-year institution about Pacific programs or about transferring without first receiving  written  permission  from  the  institution  the  student-athlete  (or  student)  is  currently enrolled. If a coach or other athletic department staff member is contacted by a student-athlete (or student) from a four-year institution who is looking to transfer to Pacific, that person should inform the Compliance Office in order to obtain the necessary written permission. Once written permission is obtained, the appropriate coach will be notified that recruiting activities can commence.

Additional academic and background information may also be necessary to ascertain eligibility and residency waivers. If a transfer student contacts a Pacific coach after already enrolling and attending classes at Pacific about participating on a team, the Compliance Office must be notified in order to obtain the necessary eligibility information from the previous institution(s).

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Permission to Contact Pacific Student-Athletes

When a Pacific student-athlete or another institution contacts an athletic staff member about that student-athlete transferring, no written permission will be granted by the Compliance Office until the head coach is aware of the situation and has given permission for the student-athlete to explore the transfer. If permission is granted, the permission to contact letter (in accordance to NCAA Bylaws) will be sent to the school(s) involved. If permission is not granted, the Director of Athletics will be informed and the student-athlete must be notified of his or her right to appeal the denial through the Faculty Athletics Representative. The Faculty Athletics Representative is responsible for administering appeal requests.

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Official Visits

Before a prospective student-athlete may be provided an official visit, the Compliance Office must evaluate the prospect's academic credentials. The coaching staff shall submit the Official Visit Approval Form  and the following items to the Compliance Office at least two (2) weekdays prior to the visit:

  • HS or College Transcripts
  • ACT/SAT scores (official documentation required; for HS students only)
  • NCAA Eligibility ID # or Social Security # (for HS students only, but highly recommended for 2-year transfers)
  • Itinerary

A Student Host Form must also be completed for any student-athlete acting as a host during an official visit. The student host certifies on the form that he/she understands that use of alcohol or illicit drugs, sexually illicit materials or videos, attendance at a sexually illicit club or arranged sexual interaction, and involvement in gambling or gaming activities is prohibited during the visit. The Student Host Form must be attached to the Official Visit Approval Form.

In addition, an Academic Evaluation along with a copy of transcript and test scores must be submitted to the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance so that it can be forwarded on for review by Admissions.

After a prospective student-athlete's official visit, the coaching staff must turn in the Post-Official Visit Documentation Form to the Compliance Office along with a copy of all receipts. The original receipts shall be turned into the Athletics Business Office.

A prospect may be provided lodging at a scale comparable to that of normal student life and within 30 miles of the institution's campus. A prospect's parents or legal guardians and his/her spouse are the only individuals accompanying the prospect that are permitted to have their lodging provided. Special accessories may not be included in the lodging (e.g., Jacuzzis, suites) unless it is generally available to all guests residing in the establishment.

It is not permitted to decorate a prospect's hotel room (or any other room such as office or locker room) with streamers, balloons, signs, posters, etc.  This would be considered a personalized recruiting aid, which is impermissible.

A prospect may be provided three meals per day plus a reasonable snack. The prospect's parents or legal guardians and his/her spouse are the only individuals accompanying the prospect that are permitted to have their meals provided. Only Pacific coaches (and their spouses) and one student host may be provided a meal that occurs at a restaurant. Additional student-athletes besides the student host may be provided a meal at the restaurant only if the meal can be considered a permissible occasional meal (i.e., would not be considered an occasional meal if provided for every recruiting visit).  Meals  occurring  at  a  restaurant must  take  place  at  a  restaurant  where  Pacific students would normally go.

It is permissible for one meal to take place at an athletic staff member's home during the visit. The same limitations apply for those  accompanying  the  prospect  who  may  be  provided  a  meal. Additional student-athletes besides the student host may be provided a meal at the staff member's home, provided the meal can be considered a permissible occasional meal.

During the official visit, entertainment of the prospect, the parents or spouse must occur within a 30-mile radius of the Pacific campus, and it may not be excessive in nature. University complimentary or trade-out tickets to professional games (i.e., Stockton Ports, Stockton Thunder) shall not be given to or used by a prospect, the parents or spouse. A student should be assigned to act as host for the prospect during the visit, subject also to the 30-mile entertainment radius. The host may receive up to $40 per day for entertainment purposes. The entertainment money cannot be used for tangible items such as souvenirs or apparel.

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Unofficial Visits

Document all unofficial visits on the Unofficial Visit Form and return them to the Compliance Office within 48 hours of the visit's completion.

If the visit required an overnight stay, identify where the prospect stayed and how it was arranged on the back of the form. If the stay was a residence hall on campus, attach a copy of the receipt from housing or a statement of explanation if the prospect utilized a University admissions host.

Policies for Both Official and Unofficial Visits

Complimentary Tickets 
Prospects on official or unofficial visits are entitled to three complimentary tickets to a home athletics event.  The recruiting coach must add the prospect to the guest list through the guest management website. The link to the Pacific Guest Management website is found under the ticketstab at

While on an official or unofficial visit, a prospect may not participate in any physical activity which may be construed as a tryout. The prospect's itinerary may not include a time for participating in activities that could be reported to the coach as an indication of athletic ability. If a prospect requests to participate in some kind of physical activity, the coach may not be present, and those team members who accompany the recruit may not report back to the coach concerning the abilities that the prospect displayed.

The alcohol policy for student-athletes is outlined in the student-athlete handbook. Student-athletes may not consume alcohol on official or unofficial visits or anytime prospective student-athletes are present. Coaches shall discourage the use of alcohol during official and unofficial visits. Student hosts must certify on the Student Host Form their understanding the use of alcohol on an official visit is prohibited.

Pictures/Name Plates/Jerseys/Other Recruiting Aids 
While on an official visit, a prospect may have his/her picture taken by Pacific personnel (or by photographers directed by Pacific personnel) for Pacific's use after the prospect has signed the NLI. The picture may not be provided to the prospective student-athlete even for a nominal fee or free of charge. The prospect may use his or her own camera to take unlimited pictures.

The institution may not arrange miscellaneous, personalized recruiting aids (e.g. personalized jerseys, personalized  audio/video scoreboard presentations) and may not permit a prospective student-athlete to engage in any game-day simulations (e.g., running onto the field with the team during pre-game introductions).

Representatives of Athletics Interest (e.g., Boosters) 
Contact by representatives of athletics interest during official and unofficial visits is prohibited. Coaches should ensure no such contact takes place. Unavoidable,  incidental  contact  is  not considered  a violation  as  long  as  it  is  not  prearranged  and  is  not  made  for  the  purpose  of recruitment, but only involves normal civility.

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National Letter of Intent Procedure

University of  the  Pacific  is  a  participant  of  the  National  Letter  of  Intent  Program,  which  is administered by the NCAA. Signed National Letters for Pacific are processed through the West Coast Conference.

In accordance with NCAA rules, prior to August 1st of a prospective student-athlete's senior year in high school, Pacific shall not provide a written offer of athletically-related financial aid or indicate in writing to the prospective student-athlete that an athletically- related grant-in-aid will be offered by the institution.  On or after August 1st of a prospective student-athlete's senior year in high school, coaches may indicate in writing to a prospective student-athlete that an athletically-related grant-in-aid will be offered by the institution; however, the institution may not permit the prospective student-athlete to sign a form indicating his or her acceptance of such an award before the initial signing date in that sport in the National Letter of Intent Program.

A valid National Letter of Intent (NLI) must accompany an offer of athletically-related financial aid. National Letter signing dates are listed on each National Letter form. Coaches should be aware of these dates as they apply to their sport.

No NLI or offer of financial aid will be issued unless an Academic Evaluation form is reviewed by admissions and returned to the Associate Director of Athletics.

Prospects must also be both registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center and have completed the Amateurism Questionnaire prior to the issuance of an NLI.

All Coaches' Request Forms must be completely filled out and signed before being submitted to the Compliance Office. All signed National Letter of Intent forms, along with signed grant-in-aid forms, should be returned to the Assistant Director of Compliance for review before being sent to the Conference Office.  Improperly completed forms will be returned to the coach for completion. Failure to have a fully signed and completed National Letter delivered to the West Coast Conference Office within 14 days of the final signature will render the form null and void.

Coaches should be familiar with all National Letter regulations and procedures, including:

  • It must be signed by the Director of Athletics (or designee) with the date of issue BEFORE it is submitted to the prospective student (PSA).
  • It must be signed and dated by the student's parents or legal guardians to be valid if the PSA has not yet reached his/her 21st birthday.
  • The student must sign the NLI within seven days of its date of issue to the student.
  • The letter must include the student's full name (including middle name or initial) and address before it can be sent to the Director of Athletics (or designee) for his or her signature.

Regulations regarding recruiting materials are found in Bylaw 13.4. There are certain restriction regarding size and content for certain types of written material (e.g., note cards, postcards, media guides, etc.). If contacted by a high school sophomore or freshman, he or she may be provide a questionnaire or camp brochure, but any correspondence that could be construed as a solicitation for enrollment is prohibited.

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Accounting of Recruiting Funds

The expenditure of all funds used for recruiting purposes will be handled through and monitored by the Athletic Business Office in accordance  with  standard  institutional  procedures.  No  outside sources may be  used  for  recruiting  expenditures  except  documented  Pacific  Tigers  Athletic Association (PTAA) trade outs. For recruiting purposes, trade outs may be used for hotels and meals only. The use of all trade outs will be monitored through the PTAA, Controller's Office and Advancement.

Recruiting travel expenses will be handled separately from all other travel in each sport. No funds other than those initially budgeted for that purpose can be used for recruiting travel. Coaches traveling for recruiting purposes must get approval from the Compliance Office before going off- campus to recruit. Advanced expenses and reimbursement will not be provided by the Athletics Business Office unless the Compliance Office has approved the travel. Coaches shall fill out the Off-Campus Recruiting Notification Form, which will include the following information:

  • Exact dates Coach will be traveling;
  • Exact dates recruiting activities will occur;
  • Location of recruitment;
  • Name of tournament and/or prospect that coach will be evaluating or contacting; and
  • Knowledge of other coaches from the same program conducting off-campus recruiting activities at the same time.

Camps & Clinics Guidelines and Procedures

See Sports Camps information in the Financial Operations Chapter.

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