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Compliance - Personnel

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Declaration of Staff
Outside Athletically-Related Employment

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Declaration of Staff

By July 31st  of each year, the head coach shall declare the names of the coaches eligible to recruit in that sport during the coming academic year, as well as a list all volunteer coaches, and non-coaching staff members (i.e., managers, student-managers, and directors of operations). This declaration is entitled the Coaching Staff and Off-Campus Recruiters Designation Form and will be submitted to the Compliance Office, where it will be held on file according to NCAA and conference regulations. The head coach should notify the Compliance Office of changes to the list throughout the year.

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​Outside Athletically-Related Employment

The NCAA has specific guidelines to provide full disclosure of potential earnings from outside sources. In addition to the NCAA rules, the University of the Pacific has a conflict of interest policy. The requirements and procedures are outlined below.

NCAA Requirements
NCAA rules permit athletic staff members to earn income outside the institution. The NCAA requires all full-time or part-time Department of Intercollegiate Athletics staff members (excluding secretarial or clerical personnel) to annually report any outside athletic related compensation. The NCAA rules that require approval is as follows:

  1. NCAA Bylaw Bona Fide Outside Employment - A staff member may earn income in addition to the institutional salary by performing services for outside groups.
  2. NCAA Bylaw 11.2.2 Athletically Related Income - Contractual agreements, including letters of appointment, between  a  full-time  or  part-time  athletics  department  staff  member (excluding secretarial or clerical personnel) and an institution shall include the stipulation that the staff member is required to provide a written detailed account annually to the to the president or chancellor for all athletically  related  income  and  benefits from  sources  outside the  institution.  In addition, the approval of all athletically related income and benefits shall be consistent with the institution's policy related to outside income and benefits applicable to all full-time or part-time employees.

University of the Pacific Conflict of Interest Policy
The Staff Handbook states:

"Pacific staff members are obliged to refrain from conduct which gives rise to conflict of interest and conflicts of commitment.

Pacific staff shall not accept personal gifts, gratuities, favors, accommodations or similar  things   of value from non-university  entities,  if  those  things  of  value reasonably  would  be  expected  to adversely  affect  the fulfillment  of  their  job functions and responsibilities.

Other prohibited conflicts of interest may occur when there is such a divergence between an individual's private interest and employment obligations to Pacific, such that an independent observer would reasonably question whether the staff member's actions  or   decisions  in  respect  to  Pacific  are determined  or  influenced  by considerations of personal  gain, financial or otherwise. A conflict of interest may depend on the situation, and not on character or actions of a staff member."

Procedures for Reporting Outside Income
By July 31st of each year, all staff members (including coaches) shall complete an itemized Summary of Outside Athletically Related Income Form for the previous academic year  (July 1-June 30) that will be reviewed by the Compliance Office and Director of Athletics and then reported to the University President.

The Summary of Outside Athletically-Related Income Form will be reviewed annually by the Compliance Staff for compliance with NCAA and University of the Pacific regulations.

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