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Compliance - Eligibility

Table of Contents

Team Rosters
General Eligibility
Pre-Enrollment Eligibility for Incoming Student-Athletes
Initial Eligibility
Transfer Eligibility
Continuing Eligibility
Participation Reporting

Compliance Sections

Ethical Conduct
Financial Aid
Awards & Benefits
Playing & Practice Seasons



A student-athlete must be admitted as a regularly enrolled, degree-seeking student in a minimum full-time program of studies and be certified as a qualifier in order to be eligible to represent Pacific in competition.   After the completion of his or her first semester at Pacific, each student-athlete must be in good academic standing (i.e., cumulative Pacific grade point average not less than 2.00) and making satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate or equivalent degree.  A student-athlete not meeting these requirements may be eligible for practice, but not competition.


The first steps toward determining the eligibility of a prospective student-athlete are outlined in the Recruiting section of this chapter.   A coach must submit all the necessary academic information about a prospect to the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance with the Academic Evaluation Form to be forwarded to the Office of Admissions. The Academic Evaluation Form must include the prospect's address, a copy of test scores and official transcripts from any/all institutions attended. The Admissions representative assigned to Athletics will perform the evaluation and return a copy with comments regarding the admissibility of the prospect.

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Team Rosters

Coaches should complete their team rosters as early as possible, preferably by mid-May, initially. Those forms should be submitted to the Associate Director of Athletics as soon as they are complete.  Any changes to the rosters should be reported immediately. Each year, baseball must declare a roster prior to the first game of its championship segment. Baseball's declared roster will be submitted and held on file in the Compliance Office according to NCAA Bylaw

Coaches should notify the Compliance Office immediately upon learning of a student-athletes' change in status. All student-athletes who have exhausted eligibility or who are cut or quit from a team are provided a written survey regarding the program. If a student-athlete is cut or quits the team, then he/she has a right to file a grievance with the Faculty Athletics Representative.

All student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility are sent a written exit survey. In addition, in-person exit interviews are conducted with select exiting members of each program. The Faculty Athletics Representative shall be involved in the exit interview process.

In the event a student-athlete on scholarship voluntarily withdraws from the intercollegiate athletics program, the student-athlete will be required to document the decision in writing.

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General Eligibility

At the beginning of each academic year, a team meeting will be held with Compliance Staff. At the meeting, NCAA and University eligibility rules will be discussed, and there will be an opportunity for the student-athletes to ask questions. Student-athlete handbooks will be available for all student- athletes at the meeting. Additionally, at the meeting, the following steps must be completed in order for student-athletes to be eligible for practice and competition.  Each student-athlete must:

  • Submit information relating to his or her eligibility to compete by signing Part I of the Student-Athlete Statement;
  • Give his or her written consent to disclose his or her educational records to an authorized representative by signing Part II of the Student-Athlete Statement;
  • Give his or her permission to be randomly tested for drugs throughout the academic year by signing the Consent to Testing and Acknowledgement of Receipt of Program Guidelines forms, and also to be tested before an NCAA championship by signing the NCAA Drug Testing Consent Form;
  • Sign the Departmental Sportsmanship Letter;
  • Sign the Code of Conduct;
  • Sign the Student-Athlete Informed Consent Form; and
  • Sign the Department's Academic Information Release Statement.

Failure to complete and sign the above forms annually will result in a student-athlete's ineligibility for participation in all intercollegiate competition.

Affirmation of Eligibility
Student-athletes are certified for competition by the Registrar's Office and approved by the Faculty Athletics Representative.  Prior to the first date of competition, the head coach and Director of Athletics must sign the Affirmation of Eligibility Form indicating the eligibility status of all student- athletes in that sport.  If a student-athlete competes before being certified, Athletics is required to declare  that student-athlete  ineligible  and  to  forfeit  all  contests  in  which  that  student-athlete competed while ineligible. Subsequent reinstatement of a student-athlete's eligibility depends on the success of an appeal to the NCAA.

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Pre-Enrollment Eligibility for Incoming Student-Athletes

Prospective student review for athletic certification over summer prior to fall enrollment: 

Prospective students-athletes who need coursework for eligibility purposes will be reviewed by Athletics Compliance Staff. 

The following steps for athletic certification will be taken for each prospective student-athlete prior to fall enrollment:

  1. After transcripts have been evaluated by Admissions, compliance staff will evaluate for eligibility purposes. 

  2. Compliance staff will provide prospective students with NCAA rules regarding eligibility and academic support services.  The prospect will sign the Summer Enrollment Compliance Form confirming courses to be taken, who is paying for the courses and acknowledging that they have read and understand the rules and permissible support services.  Signed form will be on file in the Compliance Office.

  3. If the prospective student-athlete needs more than one course or will be taking an online course from another university to meet requirements, the FAR will notify the Director of Athletics and the President.

  4. Compliance staff will be in regular communication with the prospect regarding requirements and will request confirmation of the coursework the student has decided to take.  

  5. Compliance staff will work with Admissions to ensure the coursework is transferable and with academic unit/faculty advisor to verify as degree countable.  

  6. Once the prospect has confirmed selected coursework, head and assistant coaches will be informed by Compliance staff and will be required to sign the Transfer Policy Confirmation Form for each prospective student-athlete stating they will not be involved with any and all aspects of the summer course and academic progress.  The original form will be on file in the Compliance Office.

Initial Eligibility

In order for an incoming freshman to be eligible for Athletics competition in his or her first semester at the University of the Pacific, he or she must have been certified as a "qualifier" out of high school by the NCAA Eligibility Center.   Specific requirements may be found in the NCAA Division I Manual (Bylaw 14). Student-athletes should be advised of their initial eligibility status by the Eligibility Center prior to their enrollment at the University. Athletic aid cannot be issued until the student is deemed a "qualifier." It is the responsibility of the coach to communicate with the prospect regarding missing documentation of initial eligibility requirements that could delay the process. Questions regarding eligibility status and procedures should be discussed with the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance.

The Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance will enter all new freshmen into the "institutional request list" with the NCAA Eligibility Center and will monitor the students' progress through the certification process. Copies of Eligibility Center reports will be shared with coaches on a weekly basis starting in mid-May. The Registrar's office will verify status for certification purposes.

Academic Year of Residence 
If an incoming freshman is a nonqualifier, he or she may not practice, compete, or receive athletically-related financial aid during his/her first year of residency.  Additionally, the student must fulfill an academic year of residence at Pacific.  He or she must either be enrolled in and complete successfully a full-time program of studies for two full semesters or be enrolled in a minimum full-time program of studies for two full semesters and pass a number of hours that is at least equal to the sum total of the minimum load each semester.  If 24 units are not earned due to failing a class, those units can be earned during a summer session.  The academic load during a semester cannot be less than 12 hours, and a summer session cannot count as one of the two required full-time semesters.

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Transfer Eligibility

A transfer student-athlete is any student-athlete who has been enrolled in a minimum full-time program of studies at any other college, two-year or four-year, or has practiced or competed with another college team.  All international students transferring from a foreign institution are treated as four-year college transfers, regardless of the nature of the institution they attended, as long as the institution has a post-secondary designation.

Generally, a transfer student-athlete must complete one full academic year of residence (two full- time semesters, not including summer school) at the University of the Pacific before being eligible to compete.   If the student-athlete  qualifies for an exception to or receives a waiver of the NCAA transfer residence  requirement,  he  or  she  might  be  immediately  eligible  for  practice  and/or competition at Pacific.

Transfers from two-year colleges who were qualifiers out of high school can satisfy the minimum requirement by completing one full-time semester or quarter at the two-year college and completing twelve (12) hours of transferable degree credit with a 2.50 grade-point average.  Two-year college transfers who were not qualifiers out of high school must have earned an Associates Degree and completed at least 48-semester or 72-quarter hours of transferable-degree credits, including six semester or eight quarter hours of transferable English credit, three semester or four quarter hours of transferable math credit, and three semester of four quarter hours of transferable natural/physical science credit; attended a two-year college as a full-time student for at least three semesters or four quarters (excluding summer terms); and achieved a cumulative grade-point average of 2.500.

Transfers from  four-year  (or  international)  colleges  generally  must  serve  an  academic  year  of residence before competing.  Exceptions are available for students transferring from a school that has discontinued the student's academic program or sport and for students not recruited by Pacific who have not participated in intercollegiate or organized athletics for two (2) consecutive years.   In sports other than basketball and baseball, it may also be possible to be immediately eligible if the student-athlete has  not  previously  transferred  from  one  four-year  college  to  another  four-year college and if the previous institution gives permission and also certifies that the student would have been eligible had he or she remained at the original school.   Transfer student-athletes should be advised of their eligibility status upon or before admission to the University of the Pacific.

International students who attended universities outside of the United States must submit an evaluation of their academic records. Transcripts must be reviewed by World Education Services (WES). Request a course-by-course WES International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) evaluation, and have an official copy sent directly to University of the Pacific. Please review the WES website for evaluation fee information.

The educational documentation you will need to submit to WES varies based on the country of study as well the highest level of education you have completed outside of the United States. We recommend that you visit the WES website ( to obtain information about what types of documentation are required to submit to obtain an evaluation report.

International students who attended universities outside of the United States must also submit course descriptions of their completed university work. The course descriptions must come from either the school's website or official catalog. Please send the course descriptions to University of the Pacific's Office of Admission.

This process can take time, so coaches must plan accordingly.

4-2-4 transfers must complete an academic year in residence unless the student has completed an average of 12 transferable degree credits for each term of full-time attendance at the two year college with a cumulative GPA of 2.50; one calendar year has elapsed since the student's departure from the previous four year institution; and the student has graduated with an Associates degree from the two-year college.

Keep in mind that Pacific does not accept more than 70 transfer units, so a 4-2-4 student who has attended 3 full years at the other institutions will not be meeting the requirements above and will also be deficient in degree percentage requirements.

Two-Year College Transfer Certification Procedure 
Prospective two-year college transfer student-athletes are required to provide official secondary school and college transcripts.  The transcripts are to be submitted with the Academic Evaluation Form by the coach to the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance, who will then work with the Office of Admissions during the admissions process.

Each prospect's  college  transcript(s)  will  be  evaluated  by  the  Registrar's Office.  The transcript evaluation will also be reviewed by the athletics compliance administrator for eligibility, who determines if the prospect meets or will meet NCAA eligibility requirements.  The athletics compliance administrator will inform the coach and prospect of the eligibility status.

If the prospect has been admitted and intends to attend Pacific, final official transcripts must be evaluated. Copies of the evaluation should be kept on file with the Compliance Office and the Office of Admissions.

Four-Year College Transfer Certification Procedures 
In order to even speak to a potential four year transfer student-athlete, the head coach at Pacific must have permission in writing from the student's previous school.  The athletics compliance staff will send out the Permission to Contact Form and will also send out an Eligibility Verification Form to verify a release of the student.

The prospective student-athlete is required to provide official college transcript(s) to the coach, who must submit them to the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance who will forward them to the Office of Admissions.

Each prospect's college transcript is evaluated by the Registrar's Office.  The evaluation must then be reviewed by the Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance, who will determine if the prospect meets or will meet NCAA eligibility requirements. The Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Services & Compliance will inform the coach of the student's eligibility status.

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Continuing Eligibility

The following  section  details  the  process  for  a  student-athlete  to  maintain  his/her  continuing eligibility and make satisfactory progress toward a degree.  As with other eligibility issues, monitoring of this process will be the function of the athletics compliance administrator for eligibility.

Full Time Enrollment 
A student-athlete must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student.  If at any time during the semester the student-athlete drops below 12 hours, he or she will be immediately  ineligible  to  practice  and/or  compete  until  enrolled  in  12  credit  hours.  The University  will  be  required  to  forfeit  any  contests  in  which  an  ineligible  student-athlete  has participated.  Before dropping a class that might affect his or her eligibility status, a student-athlete should discuss his or her plans with his or her coach. CPCE units do not count towards full time enrollment.

A student-athlete may be enrolled in fewer than 12 hours in a semester provided the student-athlete is in his or her final semester of the baccalaureate program and the faculty advisor validates he or she is taking the only classes needed to complete the degree.  Another exception is when a student- athlete is enrolled full-time in a graduate level program of study with eight or more credit hours.

Degree Progress 
Student-athletes must declare a major/degree program by the beginning of their fifth semester of full-time collegiate enrollment.   Once a major is declared, the 12 credit units used to satisfy the minimum full-time requirement per semester must be applicable to that degree program.  Student-athletes must complete 40% of their degree requirements by the beginning of their third year of college (fifth semester), 60% by the beginning of the fourth year (seventh semester), and 80% by the beginning of the fifth year (ninth semester).The course requirements must be in the student's specific degree program (e.g., B.A. from College of the Pacific), as opposed to a specific major.

Satisfactory Progress and Good Academic Standing 
Eligibility for competition shall be determined based upon satisfactory completion of at least:  (a) 24 units  of  academic  credit  prior  to  the  start  of  the  student-athlete's  second  year  of  collegiate enrollment; (b) 18 semester units of academic credit since the beginning of the previous fall term or since the beginning of the preceding regular two semesters; and (c) 6 units of academic credit the preceding regular academic term. A student-athlete who is entering her or his third year of collegiate enrollment must meet the degree progress requirements listed above.   Student-athletes must always be considered in "good academic standing" and be enrolled in no less than 12 units (9 for graduate students).

Good academic standing at Pacific is achieved by maintaining a cumulative Pacific grade-point average of at least 2.00.  Coursework taken at other institutions is not considered in calculating this grade point average. If a student-athlete becomes academically ineligible, he or she can be reinstated whenever the deficiency is removed in sports other than baseball. A baseball student-athlete who is not eligible for the fall term is automatically ineligible for the spring term.

Mid-Year Deficiencies 
First year student-athletes who have less than a 2.00 grade-point average at the end of the fall semester will not be eligible for competition in the spring semester. Any incomplete grades will be counted as F's in mid-year eligibility calculations.   If he or she is no more than ten (10) balance points deficient, first year student-athletes may petition the University's Athletics Advisory Board for a restoration of eligibility to compete.

The petition will consist of a letter from the student-athlete explaining the reasons for the deficiency and any extenuating circumstances. Additionally, a plan for future success is recommended. The Board will review the petition along with the student-athlete's academic history.   The Board may approve the petition, deny it or request a meeting with the student-athlete.

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​Participation Reporting

Following the conclusion of each team's championship season, the Compliance Office will distribute a Participation Form to the head coach. The form will indicate the names of all student-athletes listed on the team's squad list, and the head coach shall indicate whether each listed student-athlete practiced and/or competed during the season. A representative from the athletic media relations staff is required to sign the form to verify the participation information. The Compliance Office will indicate on the form whether each listed student-athlete received athletically-related financial aid. This form will be held in the Compliance Office with copies of the squad list and Affirmation of Eligibility forms.

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