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Baun Fitness Center Rules and Regulations


1.       Baun Fitness Center membership is open to the University of the Pacific campus community, which includes students, faculty, staff, and emeriti professors. Individual memberships only, no family or group rates.

Pacific students, faculty, staff and emeriti faculty may purchase a membership at an additional cost for their spouse/ partner.

2.       Baun Fitness Center is a student focused fitness center. It will follow the academic calendar and will have altered hours/closures during University breaks/closures. Summer hours will be altered due to limited student usage.

3.       ALL MEMBERS must present a Pacific ID to enter the building. If you are not a current student, faculty or staff, an ID will be issued by the Fitness Center. 

4.       Guest policy:  All guests must be accompanied by a Baun Fitness Center member.  The cost is $5 per visit. Any exceptions must have prior approval of the Director of Pacific Recreation.

5.       All members and guests must use the main entrance at the west side of the building.  Anyone observed using the back doors and setting off the alarm would be fined $20. The back doors may be used in the case of an emergency only.

6.       No one under 18 years of age will be allowed to use the weight or cardiovascular equipment.  Children under 18 years of age are not allowed in the Fitness Center without permission of the Director of Pacific Recreation.

7.       When using the Baun Fitness Center, all patrons agree to replace equipment that has been used back in its proper place when finished; this includes all free weights, weight plates and bars.

8.       The possession or use of bio-hazardous materials in the Baun Fitness Center is strictly prohibited. Any use of these materials will result in immediate disposal of such materials and may result in termination of membership from the Baun Fitness Center.

9.       Profanity will not be tolerated in the Baun Fitness Center.

10.    All individuals using the Baun Student Fitness Center (See Dress Code on opposite page) must wear proper workout attire.

11.    Changing of clothes is to be done in the locker rooms; locker rentals available at the RecDesk.  Towel service is available upon request. 

12.   The Baun Fitness Center telephones and computers, are for the use of the Fitness Center staff only.  The television and stereo are to be controlled by the Fitness Center staff ONLY. 

13.    All weight lifters using free weights are required to use collars on all sets.

14.    Food, drink, and/or any form of tobacco are not permitted in the Baun Student Fitness Center. The only exception is water.

15.    All personal belongings are to be placed in a locker or cubbyhole.  The Baun Fitness Center staff is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  Keys may be placed at the RecDesk on the key rack.

16.    No alcohol or non-prescription drug use will be allowed in the facility.  Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs will not be allowed to use the facility and Public Safety will be notified.

17.    Anyone found to be soliciting, using, and/or selling drugs will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

18.    There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment (treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, bikes and stair climbers) when someone is waiting.

19.    Racquetball & Ping Pong reservations are limited to one hour.  Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late for their reservation will lose their reserved time.  Reservations may be made within 48 hours of play.

20.    Due to the risk associated with racquetball, protective eyewear is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED when playing. Eyewear is available for check out at the RecDesk.

21.    Failure to adhere to the Baun Fitness Center Policies and Procedures is reason for loss of Fitness Center privileges for individuals or groups.  User fees paid by those who lose their privileges for this reason will not be refunded.

22.   Once a membership fee has been paid and the member is not satisfied, a refund request may be made with 30 days advance notice.  Early termination and request for refund for memberships will include a cancellation fee of 25% of membership fee.

Dress Code


Shirts:                   Shirts are mandatory in the Baun Fitness Center at all times.  T-shirts, sweatshirts, warm-up tops, and tank tops may be worn.  Button down dress shirts and other restrictive dress shirts are not allowed.

Shorts and Sweat pants:       Athletic shorts or sweat pants are required.  Dress shorts, jeans, slacks, or related pants are not allowed.

Shoes:                   Athletic shoes must be worn and securely tied at all times.  Hiking boots may be worn for squatting.  Dress shoes, open toed shoes, sandals, "top siders", and other similar shoes are not allowed.  Only court shoes will be permitted in the racquetball courts (black soled shoes and running shoes are not allowed in the racquetball and tennis court areas).


Members may be asked to leave if their apparel does not meet the dress code and would cause potential harm to the equipment or individual.


I the UNDERSIGNED hereby acknowledge that certain RISKS OF INJURY are inherent to participation in sports and recreational activities.  These types of injuries may be minor or serious and may result from ones own actions, or the actions or inaction of others, or a combination or both.

As a community group member, we understand that a certificate of insurance is required from the outside agency listing University of the Pacific as additional insured. Policy limits are outlined in the MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES. Individual community members are NOT covered medically by University of the Pacific.

I understand that the RULES AND REGULATIONS are designed for the safety and protection of participants and I hereby undertake to abide by these rules and regulations.

I understand that certain activities require a minimum LEVEL OF FITNESS AND HEALTH (physical, mental, and emotional) and that each person has a different capacity for participating in these activities.

I hereby warrant being physically fit to participate and understand that the choice to participate brings with it the ASSUMPTIONS OF THOSE RISKS AND RESULTS, which are a part of these activities.

By affixing my name and signature to the Rules and Regulations form, I understand that I am participating in activities at the Baun Fitness Center at my own risk, and I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the University of the Pacific and its officers, agents, or employees from any liability in connection with the activity. I declare having read and understood the above INFORMED CONSENT AGREEMENT in its entirety and hereby consent to participate acknowledging all of the foregoing.


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