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Background Screening Policy

A background screening process is conducted to promote a safe work environment and to protect our university’s most important assets: the people we serve and the people with whom we serve. It assists hiring authorities in making prudent employment decisions based upon more comprehensive job-related information.

All candidates for employment with the University must authorize the completion of a lawful background check by signing the authorization forms for background screening as part of the application packet. The University does not request information on arrests that did not result in criminal convictions, guilty pleas and pleas of no contest, not resulting in a diversion program.

It is not the case that in all cases, for all individuals, the fact of having a criminal conviction will make that individual ineligible for all employment; however, on a university campus, there are minors, other young people, residential facilities, health related facilities, personal, financial and educational assets and records, public safety needs, and other unique circumstances. These circumstances cause the University of the Pacific to seek to be careful.

An employee may not begin work until all appropriate background checks have been completed and approval from Human Resources to finalize the hire is obtained in writing.

Conditions on the offer of employment will not be removed until after:

  1. Degree/Credential Verification for positions requiring a degree or professional certification and in cases where the employment decision was based on the completion of specific academic work.
    •     Faculty
  2. Sex Offender /Criminal Conviction Record Check/ Social Security Trace
    • New faculty and staff – full-time and part-time
    • Employees being transferred or promoted
    • Students
    • International Students – who have lived in the United States for at least one year
    • Temporary Casuals and Volunteers - under 16 years old are not required; if 17 years old, needs a parent or legal guardian to sign the form
  3. Credit Checks will be conducted on candidates offered positions that allow access to currency or other financial transactions of the University or other positions deemed sensitive by the University. Prior to taking any adverse employment action based on information contained in a credit history record check report, Human Resources will provide the candidate with a copy of the report and a notice summarizing the individual’s rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
    • OIT
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Others as required/requested
  4. Motor Vehicle Checks may be conducted on candidates offered positions that require a valid driver’s license.


  1. A signed Disclosure and Authorization Form authorizing a background history check (among other checks) will be provided by Human Resources to the hiring authority prior to issuance of a conditional offer of new employment. The form includes information requiring the listing of where the individual has resided over the past seven years.

  2. A non-University entity specializing in lawful background screening will conduct the criminal history check (among other checks). In rare circumstances that are approved by Human Resources, an employee may begin employment before the criminal history check is obtained. The offer will remain conditional until cleared by Human Resources.

  3. Human Resources will notify the supervisor/Dean department in writing if, and when, Human Resources has approved that the offer is no longer contingent. [Human Resources will discuss the situation with the hiring supervisor/Dean before a negative final determination regarding employment is reached.]

  4. Existing employees who are offered transfer or promotions into new assignments that Human Resources determines are appropriate for a background check must authorize and complete the background screening process completed before starting the new job. Existing employees as to whom the Director of Human Resources has a good faith concern as to non-University conduct by the existing employee, must authorize and complete the background screening process completed before starting the new job.

  5. Human Resources will maintain copies of the disclosure and authorization completed by the applicant in a separate and confidential file that shall not be reviewed outside Human Resources without the consent of the AVP/Director of Human Resources or designee.

  6. Employees of Pacific will only be required to fill out the background screening once.


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